When on our way along the M4 there are two places that we sometimes stop. The first is Sarn, at junction 36. There are the usual expensive services here, but there is also a ‘shopping village’ where Sainsburys sells petrol at supermarket prices, and has a medium size store. We only stop here if we need fuel. Sarn is about 90 minutes from us - you'll come from the right on this map:

Carmarthen has a couple of supermarkets.  Tesco Extra is pretty huge, and is our choice of supermarket here; the entrance is on Morfa Lane.  They sell fuel at supermarket prices as well, and as a bonus you’ll probably hear some welsh being spoken!  Carmarthen is 35 minutes from us - you'll arrive on the A48 from the East, and leave towards us on the A40:

Pembroke Dock, which has Tesco, Aldi, Asda and Lidl, is only 10 minutes away from Dial Cottage, but this is a slight detour for someone coming from the East.

Another option of course is a Tesco home delivery. If you book this for the evening you’re coming and you get held up on the way we’ll be happy to accept it on your behalf, and put stuff in the fridge or freezer. Dial Cottage is the real name of the cottage, and the postcode is SA71 5NU.

Incidentally, we do supply a welcome pack of tea, coffee, milk, sugar, bread, Lurpack and eggs, so whatever you decide there will be something here just to get you started!