Garage/Shop/Postal Services

Just over the bridge and round the corner is Budgen Shop and Service Station. In summer it's open from 7am to 9pm each and every day. The prices are OK, and it's got all the easy-to-cook food that make it popular with visitors, but it's wide range means that it's also extensively used by residents of Lamphey.   They sell papers, even the hard-to-get ones like the Guardian.  The petrol and diesel are a couple of pence a litre more than Tesco and Asda, but the travel saved can make up for that.   There is a post office outlet inside the shop.  It may get busy in summer, but there's always parking here. As it's only 500m or so away you might just choose to walk there.  The safest way to walk is by following  this route.

Cash Machine

If you drive just into the edge of Pembroke, on your left hand side you'll reach a small car park with McColls behind. A free-to-use cash machine is situated outside.  The range inside is slightly different to Lamphey Service Station, and it's extensively used by local people passing by (because it's easy to park here) and nearby residents.  Fresh coffee is available here.  Travel time to SA71 5JJ is 1 minute.   If I want something in a hurry this is where I usually come.


Most of the big supermarkets are nearby:

Tesco - Pembroke Dock.  It's an 'Extra' store, so has a very wide range.  Travel time to Pembroke Dock is 12 minutes.  SA72 6DS. 

Asda - Pembroke Dock. SA72 6DA

Lidl - Pembroke Dock.  SA72 6TR

Aldi - Pembroke Dock.  SA72 4AA

Co-op - Pembroke.   Travel time to Pembroke is 3 minutes.   SA71 4DT

'Book a Slot'

When we go away we always book a delivery with Tesco for about 6pm on the evening of our arrival. They then deliver all of our week's grocery items right to the kitchen worktop.  If you do this for Dial Cottage and then get delayed on your way let us know and we'll be able to accept your delivery for you.  Alternatively you can do 'click and collect' from outside the store in Pembroke Dock.

Tesco has an Extra store in Pembroke Dock, but it actually delivers from an even bigger store in Haverfordwest, so a huge range is available.  Asda will also do home deliveries here.  Sainsbury's doesn't (they only have a small store in Tenby) and Waitrose doesn't even know that Pembrokeshire exists.