There are two delivery-to-your-door ready-to-eat food places that I'm happy to suggest.   When they ask where to deliver it, ask them if they know where the Dial Inn is;  they always do, so you can tell them that you're the house immediately before, on the Pembroke side.

You'll find menus for both in the sideboard drawer.

For an Indian meal, Pembroke Tandoori (opposite Pembroke Post Office) is a small family run affair.   Their menu is standard.

The Pembroke Kebab House is also across the road from Pembroke Post Office.  It's the place that sells all the food we shouldn't be eating - doner kebabs, pizzas, and chips.  However, I'm happy to recommend it;  it's a long-established business run by a friendly staff.   The food is always properly cooked, and their salads are excellent.   Their customers are mainly local people who simply wouldn't keep on going back if they didn't always produce good stuff.