There are countless opportunities for an enjoyable stroll  in South Pembrokeshire, but here is the simplest walk of all.

Lamphey Palace

As you exit Dial Cottage, turn right.  You'll pass our house, then a farmhouse, and immediately come to a lane (on your right)  that leads to both Lamphey Palace and Lamphey Court Hotel.  Hotel traffic uses the lane, so please do take care.

The white flowers in the picture of the lane below are wild garlic.  Limestone in the soil encourages it to grow throughout the area, leaving its distinctive scent hanging in the air, especially in the evenings.  Also, if you stop for a moment on a summer's evening you'll hear the brief, rapid rustles of harvest mice scuttling amongst the long grass and through the hedgerows, busy collecting seeds to feed their young.

The building looks a bit dull from outside, but it's well worth going inside. The entrance is along the graveled side-lane.

There is no charge for entrance, and the site is normally unmanned.    Dogs are allowed inside, and many people take advantage of being the only visitors to let them run free.  It's about a 600m walk down the lane, though it can feel like a longer journey back because the road does have a slight incline!