User Guides

We've tried to equip the cottage with appliances that are straightforward and easy to use, but sometimes intuition isn't enough and so we've included manufacturer's user guides.   Original paper versions of these guides can also be found in the top left hand drawer of the living room sideboard.

To help answer questions like "Is there a garlic press, and if so, where is it found?" there is also a detailed inventory in the top left hand drawer of the sideboard in the living room.

Television - Panasonic TX-40DX700B
After a hard day's walking or lying on the beach you'll probably want to relax in the evening.  As well as Freeview, this UHD 40" TV is wired into our fast internet, so gets rock-solid Freeview Play, Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as access to the usual catch-up apps.  Incidentally, there's a second TV in the front bedroom, in case you want to watch something in peace and quiet!

Air Purifier We have children who suffer from hay fever.  The air in Pembrokeshire is very clean, but being a rural area the pollen count can be quite high.  This device simply removes all dust and pollen from the air inside the cottage, so if you do suffer yourself from hay fever at least when you come back in the evening you can be certain of some relief.  We will leave it switched on for when you arrive.  It does have a fan to drive air through its filters, but at its lowest setting the sound is barely audible.  However, you are very welcome to turn it off (switch at the back) if you don't require it.