Internet Access

(with thanks to

Internet bandwidth is shared between us and Dial Cottage.  There's sufficient to run Netflix on the cottage's TV at the full 25Mbps it needs for UHD Netflix as well as whatever else your family may want.  There is a wifi access point in Dial Cottage for all of your iPads, iPhones and Androids; you'll find the current password on the bookcase.   

Zen Internet is good - it's genuinely unlimited and doesn't throttle the connection, but the real thanks for this speed and bandwidth goes to the Welsh Government's Superfast Cymru project.

Mobile Phone Reception

With the exception of the O2 group, there isn't a problem in the cottage with mobile phones.  O2 does work upstairs, but downstairs needs to be kept on the windowsill.

  Three EE (also ASDA and Talk Mobile) O2 (also Tesco, Sky and Giffgaff) Vodafone (also Talk Mobile)
Outside the front door 3 4 2 5
Living room window sill 1 2 2 5
Living room reclining seat 1 3 0 4
Bathroom windowsill 2 3 0 4
Front bedroom (in bed) 1 3 1 5
Front bedroom windowsill 2 3 3 5
Back bedroom 2 3 3 5

Out and about things are good these days  - Vodafone and EE are the best, but the phone in my car is on Three and I never seem to have a problem.  You will find gaps in reception, especially around Stackpole and along towards Fresh West, and some areas around and above Manorbier have some gaps as well.

Many beaches, once you're down on the sand have no reception.  Watch out for your phone connecting to an Irish network - Vodafone in particular will do this sometimes on Fresh West or at Angle, and this will go onto your bill as an international call.

All providers have good service on all of the main roads to Pembrokeshire.